Get the most back with how you utilize your space

Grow Coat is a 100% Acrylic, waterborne, and ambient crosslinking coating perfect for indoor horticulture and laboratory operations.  Areas with an elevated risk of mold and fungal contamination will benefit greatly with this product.

BPP Labs created this coating to protect the underlying substrate from moisture damage while providing a clean, diffuse-reflective, and antimicrobial surface from moisture and UV light.  

The semi-gloss surface provides optimal reflectance which no light wave goes to waste and it is evenly dispersed throughout the room.  For example: if you are growing cannabis indoors, you’ll know that it is difficult for light to reach lower parts of the canopy.  Grow Coat helps maximize light emitted for the overall growth of the entire plant.

Another plus is the quick drying time of up to an hour after applying it and also, easy to clean – simply with soap and water.

Look no further, this is your go to indoor wall coating for protection against annoying microbes from propagating.  A primer and paint combined, all in one bucket.

Who's it for?

  • If you want to maximize light emitted in your indoor horticulture grow operations (i.e., cannabis), providing more energy back into the plant versus being dissipated through the walls
  • If you are looking for something that is easy and quick to apply, either using a spray gun or roller
  • If you don’t want to have worry about a fire hazard, this coating has no flash point
  • If you live in a more humid environment, such as the Pacific Northwest or Hawaii
  • If you are looking out for Mother Earth and want a coating that is less toxic and has < 21 grams/liter of VOC (compared to traditional coatings which have about 500-800 grams/liter or more)