Floor protection in Humboldt County

Inspired by our IRC product line for vehicles, Grow Guard is optimal as a high-build yet light contaminant barrier protection that uses our recycled tires technology.

Its proprietary blend of crosslinking acrylics work in synergy to block off fungal, pollen or outside contaminants entering into indoor grow rooms. 

Best used on floors with light foot traffic; however, this coating can withstand strong bleach, acid, or base spills.  The unique technology behind Grow Guard creates a moisture and vapor barrier that is suitable for areas with high humidity and that are prone to accidental flooding.

Or use it on your automotive to protect from abrasion, UV rays, and corrosion. 

Easy to use, it can be applied to bare wood, construction framing, drywall, concrete and metal surfaces.

Protect the most base layer of your surface with a tough coating that uses repurposed materials while limiting microbes from flourishing inside your space.


  • If you are looking for a heavy duty coating to paint on your grow room floors to fight off unwanted microbes that might have traveled in through your shoes
  • If you’re looking for a badass coating for off-road vehicle those outdoor adventures
  • If you are looking for something that is easy and quick to apply, either using a spray gun or roller
  • If you are looking out for Mother Earth and want a coating that is less toxic and has has less VOCs
  • If you are want to use it together with our Grow Coat as an extra primer for that extra peace of mind