Applying that extra reflective protection

White Elastomeric (WERC) is an advanced elastomeric roof coating system with infrared reflectivity properties that is currently unmatched anywhere else in the industry. With the number of large warehousing facilities, fulfillment centers, and office buildings that continue to grow rapidly, there has never been more of a demand to cost-effectively reduce internal temperature. Roofs with poor reflectivity absorb the Sun’s immense heat energy and causes an island of heat surrounding the structure. The use of WERC on new and existing structures allows the building to reflect over 85% of the Sun’s heat energy, effectively reducing the internal temperature of the structure by 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit, while greatly reducing the heat island effect surrounding the structure.  It sure doesn’t help that year after year, temperatures continue to rise and instead of relying AC, why not change your roof aka the most exposed part of the building to the Sun?

We get it.  We were tired of our facility getting so hot, especially without any air conditioning unit or fans to help us out.  We don’t want others to suffer anymore with this type of discomfort so here’s our most non-techy solution. BPP Labs has you covered.


  • If you live out in the desert (looking at you, Arizona) or somewhere not close to that ocean breeze (and you, Inland Empire) and are looking for ways to reduce the internal heat inside your facility
  • If you are looking for something more environmentally-friendly with ultra-low VOC emissions for cleaner air quality
  • If you are looking to reduce your electricity bill by not having the AC blasting constantly and fans spinning 24/7 all day, every day
  • If you are looking to save over 30% of cost savings compared to leading brands while maintaining greater lifespan and durability.  Ask our customers in Australia who experience some of the harshest outside conditions in the world